A “CRM” system designed for online communities and eSports organizations. Keep track of your eSports rosters and community members with our community management software.

AMS Update 3.1.1

Introducing the newest and most innovative feature on Atlas Management System – Discord/CMS Sync Integrations! This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly keep your Discord and CMS in sync with roles, ranks, members, and squads. On March 8th, 2023, all … Read More

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Slash Commands Are Here!

Long overdue… Slash commands are finally available on the AMS Bot! While you can setup roles for each slash command in the discord app, as a security precaution, CMS will still need roles configured for each command. Since slash commands … Read More

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AMS Update 3.1.0 and Server Maintenance

All clients are scheduled to be updated to AMS version 3.1.0 on Wednesday November 10, 2021 beginning 10:00 AM EST. Server maintenance and updates will also occur during this time. Minimal downtime is expected. For a list of changes, see … Read More

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AMS Update 3.0.6

Added the ability for communities to have CMS messages sent using their own custom discord bot if they have one. See changelog for more details!

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AMS Update 3.0.5

AMS 3.0.5 was just pushed out. See the changelog for more information.

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AMS 3.0.4

Version 3.0.4Patch Notes Drop reason templates can now be changed on the settings page Fixed escaping single/double quotes in optional drop reasons Fixed not being able to select restricted on the search page for user notes Fixed usernotes not displaying … Read More

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AMS Server Maintenance and Upgrade Completed

Tonight’s server maintenance and upgrades have been completed! All active subscriptions have been updated to version 3.0.3.Read the patch notes here: https://www.ams.gg/2020/01/04/ams-3-0-3-update/ Feel free to join us on discord to report any problems, ask any questions, or just to hang … Read More

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AMS 3.0.3 Update

AMS version 3.0.3 is officially complete! New and existing CMS sites will be scheduled to upgrade to this version on Saturday, January 11, 2020. Minimal downtime is expected. Changes for v3.0.3: Administration Drops Added optional settings to limit # of … Read More

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AMS 3.0.2 Update

Xbox oAuth2.0 connection has been added to AMS 3.0.2! Simply connect an Xbox account to AMS via oAuth2 to be able to have AMS search friends and perform Xbox gamertag validity checks! Changes for v3.0.2: Added Xbox oAuth2 feature under … Read More

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New Release AMS 3.0.1

Version 3.0.1 has officially been released! All new AMS signups from this point forward will have version 3.0.1 automatically installed. Current clients will be offered to upgrade in the next upcoming days. Changes from 2.1 to 3.0.1: New Features: AMS … Read More

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Recent News

What is AMS/CMS?

Similar to a “CRM” that businesses use to manage and keep track of their clients, AWI's Community Management System/Clan Management System (AMS) is a web-based SaaS designed to be utilized by online communities to maintain record and statistics of who is in their community.

How does it work?

AMS was designed with security/permissions in mind. This means that communities get to decide who they want to give access to and what access they want to give them. Permissions can be adjusted by group or even by user at any time by the community administrator or the group/user assigned the administration permissions. The following is an example of how AMS permissions works with the average community.

Squad Leader/General

Adds/Drops new members on AMS Can promote/demote members Can change member’s gametype Can add comments to members Can add detailed notes to members Can view blacklist


Permissions of Squad Leader/General Can only access their assigned squads Can transfer members between their squads Can create invite codes for new squad leaders/generals Can suspend assigned lower ranks


Permissions of Co-Founder Can only access squads in their division Can initiate a member transfer request to another division Can approve invite codes for new squad leaders/generals

Division Leader

Permissions of Founder Can approve/deny incoming/outgoing division transfers Can add new squads Can edit leaders list


Permissions of Division Leader Can access assigned divisions Can add new division Can add to blacklist/dnh list


Access to everything Access to administration module

All the features you want

Designed to be simple, easy to use, and responsive

Simple Interface

AMS (AWI's Community Management System) was built with bootstrap to provide a clean, yet customizable user interface.

Mobile Friendly

Thanks to bootstrap, the system is responsive and looks just as good on mobile as it does on a computer.

User Customizations

Built with giving the customer as much control in mind, personal branding, verbiage, and other customizations to fit your community can be made directly by the customer.

Full Analytics

Built-in analytics show how well your community is growing and may help you spot trends.

Powerful yet simple

Fully hosted and secure

AMS is hosted on secure & protected servers. Our servers have the latest updates and are monitored for any issues.

Discord Integration

It is now possible to receive alerts, notifications, and other activities from AMS directly to your discord server with the use of our AMS Bot!

Xbox Integration

Need to scan your community member’s friends lists? Simply link an Xbox account and AMS will search your Xbox member's friends list daily for specific gamertags. *Members must have either an open friends list or have their friends list set to friends only and have your gamertag added as a friend for friends scanning to work.

Ready to get started?

Try our demo and see if our product is right for your community.