Atlas Management System Changelog

(Version – Month-Day-Year)

3.1.1 – March 8 2023

  • Added Discord Sync Integration
    • All discord role changes go through a rate-limited API due to discord’s API rate-limits
    • The ‘queue’ works by a first-come first-served basis.
    • Sync Features
      • Auto Add to CMS – When a discord role is mapped to CMS and someone is given that role, they are automatically added to CMS according to their discord username and nickname.
      • Auto Rank/Role – When a member’s rank is changed on CMS and a role mapping is set for the new rank, CMS will automatically give the appropriate discord roles. For communities that want discord to drive the changes, switching roles in discord will automatically switch their rank in CMS.
      • Auto Reinstate CMS Members – When a dropped member is reinstated, CMS will give the reinstated member appropriate roles configured in the discord role map table. Discord driven communities, when a dropped member is given a mapped discord role, the member is automatically reinstated on CMS.
      • Auto Transfer CMS Members – When a member is transferred on CMS, the system will reassign appropriate roles based on the discord role map table. Discord driven communities, when a squad specific role is changed, CMS will automatically transfer the member to the squad that is mapped to the new squad specific role.
  • Settings Page
    • New Discord Auto Syncs Section
    • Renamed “Validate Discord/CMS Users” to “Discord Member Validation/Sync”
    • “Tooltips” added to new settings – just hover over the question mark to see what the setting does
  • Updated “Squad” Page
    • Fixed slight issue with ‘action’ button

3.1.0 – November 11, 2021

  • Updated “Squad” Page
    • Squad members list is now a datatable in order to improve page loading for large squads
      • Discord usernames can be set when adding a new member, otherwise you can set the discord username by clicking their gamertag and editing it in their profile
      • Discord network has been added as a network option
        • Still need to specify the discord username as well for now, the gamertag does not automatically transfer to the discord username if the discord network is selected
      • Discord username has been added as a new column
        • If discord validation is enabled, a green checkmark will show for valid discord usernames if found in your server, otherwise a warning triangle will display next to their discord username
      • Custom columns have been added for communities that want to add checkboxes for certain criteria
        • Configurable under Administration -> Site Settings -> Page Customizations -> Custom Squad Column
  • Updated Users Page
    • Active and suspended tables have been converted to datatables for easy filtering/sorting
    • Administrators have the ability to bulk suspend/unsuspend
  • Discord Integrations
    • Validate Discord/CMS Users – Enables discord server username syncing and validation with CMS. Can be enabled/disabled under Administration -> Site Settings -> Discord -> Click the + sign next to your server
      • When enabled, CMS will automatically update discord usernames and nicknames and will also create a log entry when a linked discord member leaves the discord server
      • Server joins, leaves, nickname and role changes are immediate sent to CMS as they occur
      • Server is scanned every 5 minutes for updates
    • Discord Users – New page found under Discord -> Discord Users – If Validate Discord/CMS Users is enabled, allows you to view a list of your discord users in a selected server. Can also be filtered to show which discord users do not have a discord username assigned/linked to a CMS squad member profile or CMS squad members that are no longer in your discord server.
  • New or Changed Permissions
    • New – View Discord Users – Allows member to use the new discord users page
    • Removed – My squad view – Removed for finer grain permission control, giving a user access to only ‘my squads module’ will essentially be the same as the retired ‘my squad view’ permission
    • New – Add/Reinstate Members – Allows a user to add or reinstate members
    • New – Edit Members – Allows a user to edit a member’s profile, gamertag, discord username, gametype, network
    • New – Drop Members – Allows a user to drop a squad member
    • New – Add Member Trainings – Allows a user to add a training to a squad member
    • New – Remove/Edit Member Trainings – Allows a user to edit or remove a squad member’s training
    • New – Add Member Skills – Allows a user to add a skill to a squad member
    • New – Remove/Edit Member Skills – Allows a user to edit or remove a squad member’s skills

3.0.6 – April 17, 2020

  • Custom Discord Bot For AMS Messages
    • Added the option for communities to add their own discord bot for AMS messages to be sent from instead of the AMS Bot
      • New setting is found under Administration -> Site Settings -> Discord -> Custom Bot Config
        • You MUST add “” to your Discord App’s OAuth2 Redirect settings under OAuth2 on your discord app
        • You MUST ALSO enable “REQUIRES OAUTH2 CODE GRANT” under Bot settings on your discord app.

3.0.5 – February 14, 2020

  • Access Codes Page
    • Added new permission “Access Codes – Allow to create for same rank/group” that when set on a group or user lets them create access codes for the same rank/group that they have. By default/disabled users that have access to create access codes can only select the group that is lower than their group
    • Re-worked how pending access codes show
      • Users now will only see pending access codes for squads for which they have access and for groups that are below their current group. If the permission “Access Codes – Allow to create for same rank/group” is enabled, they will see access codes for groups equal to or lower than their current group.
  • “My Division” page
    • Users who do not have “Squad Management (Add/Edit/Disable)” permission no longer see the submit/change buttons on this page.
      • This is just a visual fix to hide the buttons; users without the above permission were never able to make actual changes