Atlas Management System Changelog

3.0.6 – 2020-17-04

  • Custom Discord Bot For AMS Messages
    • Added the option for communities to add their own discord bot for AMS messages to be sent from instead of the AMS Bot
      • New setting is found under Administration -> Site Settings -> Discord -> Custom Bot Config
        • You MUST add “” to your Discord App’s OAuth2 Redirect settings under OAuth2 on your discord app
        • You MUST ALSO enable “REQUIRES OAUTH2 CODE GRANT” under Bot settings on your discord app.

3.0.5 – 2020-14-02

  • Access Codes Page
    • Added new permission “Access Codes – Allow to create for same rank/group” that when set on a group or user lets them create access codes for the same rank/group that they have. By default/disabled users that have access to create access codes can only select the group that is lower than their group
    • Re-worked how pending access codes show
      • Users now will only see pending access codes for squads for which they have access and for groups that are below their current group. If the permission “Access Codes – Allow to create for same rank/group” is enabled, they will see access codes for groups equal to or lower than their current group.
  • “My Division” page
    • Users who do not have “Squad Management (Add/Edit/Disable)” permission no longer see the submit/change buttons on this page.
      • This is just a visual fix to hide the buttons; users without the above permission were never able to make actual changes