AMS Update 3.1.1

Introducing the newest and most innovative feature on Atlas Management System – Discord/CMS Sync Integrations! This powerful tool allows you to effortlessly keep your Discord and CMS in sync with roles, ranks, members, and squads.

On March 8th, 2023, all clients will be updated to version 3.1.1 with no downtime. As the #1 Community Management System, we pride ourselves on being innovative and always looking for ways to enhance your community management experience. We’ve added four brand new integration features – Auto Add to CMS, Auto Rank/Role, Auto Reinstate, and Auto Transfer – to make managing your community even easier.

With Atlas Management System’s Discord/CMS Sync Integrations, you can enjoy seamless updates and effortless management. Our innovative approach to community management ensures that everything stays up-to-date across both platforms.

  • Auto Add to CMS – When a discord role is mapped to CMS and someone is given that role, they are automatically added to CMS according to their discord username and nickname.
  • Auto Rank/Role – When a member’s rank is changed on CMS and a role mapping is set for the new rank, CMS will automatically give the appropriate discord roles. For communities that want discord to drive the changes, switching roles in discord will automatically switch their rank in CMS.
  • Auto Reinstate CMS Members – When a dropped member is reinstated, CMS will give the reinstated member appropriate roles configured in the discord role map table. Discord driven communities, when a dropped member is given a mapped discord role, the member is automatically reinstated on CMS.
  • Auto Transfer CMS Members – When a member is transferred on CMS, the system will reassign appropriate roles based on the discord role map table. Discord driven communities, when a squad specific role is changed, CMS will automatically transfer the member to the squad that is mapped to the new squad specific role.

Check out our changelog to see what’s new in 3.1.1!

New Discord/CMS Sync Features
Example Discord/CMS Role Map Table

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