AMS Update 3.1.0 and Server Maintenance

All clients are scheduled to be updated to AMS version 3.1.0 on Wednesday November 10, 2021 beginning 10:00 AM EST.

Server maintenance and updates will also occur during this time. Minimal downtime is expected.

For a list of changes, see the changelog

Special Notes:

Since this update has permission modifications, the following will occur:

Administrators – Will have “discord users” permission enabled

Users with “My squad view” enabled – Users or groups with this permission (users that can currently only view the squad) will have the “my squad” permission enabled and no further squad based permissions in order to allow viewing only

Users with “My squad” enabled – Users with this permission (users that can currently add/edit a squad) will have the new finer grain permissions enabled in order to allow the same functionality they currently have

**It is recommended to review your group permissions to ensure intended functionality

Join our discord channel via our website if you have any questions about this update

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